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Our Cases - Class Action

Severely Burned Arizona Police Officer
Awarded Settlement

Schechterle v. Ford Motor Company

CVPI burned upOn March 26, 2001, Officer Jason Schechterle of Phoenix, Arizona responded to an emergency call when his Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) was struck from behind. Upon impact, the cruiser erupted in a fireball trapping Officer Schechterle. He suffered burns to more than 40% of his body, particularly his face and torso. He has since undergone more than 100 surgical procedures.

Perry & Haas settled this personal injury lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company for the gas tank design defects of the Crown Victoria Police Car on behalf of Officer Jason Schechterle.

In addition, Perry & Haas has settled seven major cases around the country regarding the Crown Victoria: Juan Cruz (Arizona Highway Patrol), Skip Fink (Arizona Highway Patrol), Deputy Steven Agner, Lake County, Florida, Juan Rivera (Massachusetts), Deputy Jeff Davis, Columbia County, Florida, Officer Patrick Metzler, City of Dallas, Texas, and Officer Jason Schechterle, City of Phoenix, Arizona.

For the latest news and information on this important case, GO TO THE CVPI WEBSITE >

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