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Safety Issues
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Caballero v. Esenjay Petrolium Corporation

Favorable Verdict Followed By Confidential Settlement

A 42-year-old Navy veteran, triathlete, and father of two from Victoria, Texas was severely injured in 1995 when a pressure-control device used in gas well workovers failed to contain pressurized material at a well site in Bee County. When the pressure was released, fluids and gas under extremely high pressure blasted the oil field worker 30 feet under a pipe rack. He suffered brain damage, vision and hearing loss, broken vertebrae in his neck and back, a crushed foot and ankle, and a dislocated hip.

The victim will suffer degenerative physical problems for the remainder of his life, all produced by the traumatic injuries sustained in the accident. Life has changed forever for this formerly robust, competitive athlete, and family man.

René Haas and David Perry represented the accident victim in a lawsuit against the oil well's owner, Esenjay Petroleum Corporation of Corpus Christi, as well as against the company responsible for the supervision and control of the well and the company that installed the wrap-around. The final settlement in this case remains confidential, but it was reported that the client gave up rights to punitive damages and required Esenjay Petroleum to institute a safety program to prevent future accidents.

Sharp Award

The Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) honored John Caballero of Victoria, Texas, and his attorneys René Haas and David Perry for their roles in improving safety in the workplace and encouraging responsible corporate decision-making.

The Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award honors Steven Sharp, a young man who lost both arms in a defective tractor hay baler. Steven could not have sued the baler manufacturer if proposed legislation regarding the age of the equipment had been the law. His case strongly illustrated how this legislation would deprive others like him of access to justice.

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