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David and assistantThe attorneys of a law firm play a prominent role in a case. What many people don't realize is the key role of the staff members and resources that support the lawyers. Perry & Haas take exceptional pride in their staff, who are a critical part of the legal team. Our lawyers and additional supporting staff members each play a vital role in pursuing successful outcomes for our clients. Together, we have achieved landmark awards and settlements in some of the most important personal injury lawsuits ever filed.

One of the important services Perry & Haas provides for our clients in the difficult time following an accident or injury is expertise and guidance through the complex judicial process. The more insight our firm can provide into the workings of the system, the better prepared our clients are for the challenges of the legal process. Within this, we offer a brief overview of how the legal system works, how the team of legal professionals at Perry & Haas prepares for our cases, the results obtained for several of our clients, as well as the impact these cases have had on improving safety conditions for the entire community.

Structured Settlements

handshakeThe attorneys of Perry & Haas are experienced in achieving structured settlements that produce high levels of recovery for our clients. For example, the firm successfully negotiated a $3.8 million settlement for one particular client. Instead of accepting a lump sum from the defendant, however, we structured the payment of the settlement over time with interest—a plan that may ultimately yield more than $49 million for the plaintiff.

Contingent Fees

We handle each case on a contingency fee basis, which simply means that our compensation is a percentage of the recovered amount. If no recovery is achieved, no fees or expenses are charged. By advancing the total cost of case preparation and charging for our services on a contingency-only basis, we provide each client, regardless of his or her financial circumstances, with equal access to expert legal representation, as well as our total commitment to a successful case outcome.


Leading Edge Technology

technologyThe firm uses state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, as well as video recording and editing equipment to enhance the preparation and presentation of all cases. Advanced computer technology enables electronic evidence storage, as well as instant retrieval of documents, evidence, and other images for computer-projected presentation in the courtroom.

In order to help clients prepare for and give depositions in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere, we have the ability to videotape deposition testimony in one of our own conference rooms via remote video cameras.

Other technological advances employed by the firm include an advanced information management system and a custom-designed, litigation-support software program. Staff members can instantly access case and client information, as well as retrieve and analyze massive amounts of related technical data. The firm also has a high speed connection to the Internet for research and e-mail. This website provides updates about the firm and our cases.


Legal and Technical Library

legal libraryIn addition to the firm's extensive law library, we have compiled a technical library that provides ready access to important medical, nursing, engineering, and legislative publications. This technical library encompasses a searchable digital database of tens of thousands of publications.


Evidence Warehouse

evidense warehouseThe firm maintains a private evidence storage warehouse for vehicles, equipment, and documents. This facility gives us access to evidence and prevents deterioration, tampering, and other possible damage. The evidence warehouse contains over 30,000 square feet of enclosed space to store exemplar evidence, as well as more than 100 accident vehicles. As part of the firm's investigative work, our video crew frequently tapes the inspection of warehoused vehicles by experts who assist in case preparation.

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Perry & Haas does not offer any guarantee of case results.
Past success in litigation does not guarantee success in any new or future lawsuit.
Our web site describes some of the cases that the attorneys of Perry & Haas have worked on in the past.

Our description of those cases is summary in nature.

You should be aware that the results obtained in each of the cases we have worked on was dependent on the particular facts of each case. The results of other cases will differ based on the different facts involved.