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Multiple Confidential Settlements, Including Eight Police Burn Death/Injury Cases, Howell Sisters Burn Deaths

A Safety Matter - Family of Sisters Dies in Fiery Wreck

The Howell sisters, Megan Howell (from left), Tara Howell Parker and Mysti Howell-Poplin, died in 2003 when their rented limo was hit in the rear and burned. Last month, Ford Motor Co. did something that it could have done at least three years ago. It began distributing a basic safety shield that reduces the risk of fire when a Lincoln Town Car limousine is hit from behind.

That shield might have saved the lives of three sisters who burned to death on Sept. 10, 2003, on their way home from a rock concert in Greensboro, NC. A drunk driver plowed into the back of the limo as it was stopped in traffic.

Ford had begun installing the plastic shields in its Crown Victoria police cruisers the year before the sisters died. But until this September, the company had maintained that the shields were not needed in its limos and other mechanically-similar cars.

Ford's decision to reverse course comes as it prepares for a wrongful-death lawsuit filed in Davie County by the women's families. See News Story >

Couple Burned When Ford Limousine Struck While In Motion

FLORIDA -- Diane Huseman was severely burned and her husband, Roger, was injured when the 2003 Lincoln Town Car limousine in which they were passengers was struck from behind and erupted in flames. Both vehicles were traveling west on SR 93 in Florida when the incident occurred on May 1, 2005, in Naples, FL. Diane was burned over 40% of her body and spent four months undergoing hospital treatment.


Is Ford Protecting Those Who Serve & Protect?
CVPI Crashes

CVPI Stories

Jason Schechterle

Officer Jason Schechterle
testifies before Texas Legislature

Already, at least 18 law enforcement officers have been either killed or severely burned in the CVPI's following highway speed, rear-end collisions. Officer Jason Schechterle, severly injured on March 26, 2001, testifies before Texas Legislature April 14, 2003. As his case unfolds, a greater amount of information about the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is being revealed.

More of this story >

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