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Our Philosophy

Legal Research Links

The resources below link to other web sites which offer additional information and insight on how the United States Justice System works for both the consumer and legal reseacher. These links are intended as resources only.

General Legal Research Sites
Federal Sites
Texas Sites
Legal Employment Site
Legal Employment Newsgroups

General Legal Research Sites

American Law Sources Online
A catalog of legal resources for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Very current.


Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Home Page
This service provides access to new Fifth Circuit opinions, an archive of older opinions, docket sheets, documents of the court, pattern jury instructions, links to other courts of the Fifth Circuit, and links to other court units such as the library. Also included are proposed changes to brief formats and a checklist of rule requirements for preparations of briefs and record excerpts. Opinions are easily retrievable using ISYS search software.

Hieros Gamos
This may be the most comprehensive legal site on the Internet. Links are provided to thousands of sites related to the legal profession.

Internet Law Library-U.S. House of Representatives (see

Internet Legal Resource Guide
This is an excellent site that provides easily accessed links.

Law Guru
Another major Internet site like Hiero Gamos, LawGuru advertises access to free legal research on 250+ legal search engines and tools.

Law Info
Excellent graphics and organization characterize this list of legal resources. There have been some problems reported with the currency of its listings.

Lectric Law Library
An excellent legal resource on the Web which tries to be as comprehensive as Hieros Gamos and Law Guru. Lectric Law Library does provide links to free resources but often leads the researcher into commercial offerings. Some clever leaps into legal humor make this an enjoyable resource to visit.

Legal Information Institute—Cornell University Law School
This location provides one of the most comprehensive listings of legal resources on the Internet, including court opinions, statutes, and rules and regulations.

Thomas—Legislative Information on the Internet
Thomas is one of the most current sources of federal legislative information, including floor activities in Congress, major legislation, legislative histories, congressional record text, and historical documents. It also provides links to congressional Internet services.

World Wide Web Virtual Law Library
This site is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium. It provides numerous links to law-related sites and also allows searching by subject.


Specialized Federal Internet Sites



U.S. Government Documents

Government Printing Office (GPO) Locator

United States Code

EDGAR (for SEC Filings)

Library of Congress Home Page

Bureau of Census Gopher

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Social Security Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Environmental Protection Agency

Department of the Interior

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Central Intelligence Agency


Texas Legal Sites

Home Page
Extensive Texas information.

Bar Association
Bar association rules relating to attorney ads on the World Wide Web.

Ethics Opinions Issued by the Texas Ethics Commission

Indexed by article.

Text of Texas Constitution


General Texas Government Information



Keyword search, bills from legislatures since 1993, committee schedules, legislative district information, and House and Senate calendars.

Keyword search and text of current Senate bills.

Text of Texas register.

Text of administrative code.

Court of Appeals for the Fifth District

Court of Appeals for the Eighth District

Texas State Agencies Listing
Information about Texas agencies, boards, colleges, commissions, courts, departments, offices, and universities.

Tax Materials
Texas forms and publications.


Internet Sites for Legal Employment

The Counsel Network

Texas Lawyer

Law Journal Extra

LawInfo Employment Center

Lex Mundi Site

Washburn University School of Law


Legal Employment Newsgroups

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Law CPP (new)
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Our web site describes some of the cases that the attorneys of Perry & Haas have worked on in the past.

Our description of those cases is summary in nature.

You should be aware that the results obtained in each of the cases we have worked on was dependent on the particular facts of each case. The results of other cases will differ based on the different facts involved.