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Safety Issues
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Thousands of lives are at risk when a company markets a defective, mass-produced product. We have helped protect the rights of individuals against negligent corporations. Cases have involved a variety of manufactured items, including a defective household appliance that resulted in electrocution, a leaking gas grill propane container that severely burned the user, and a defective towel dispenser that caused the strangulation of a child.

Swimming Pool Safety

Confidential Settlement

Pool SafetyLawsuits do more than protect the rights of victims. Often, they can lead to new laws that improve safety for us all. That's exactly what happened in a case that involved the most tragic of incidents - the death of a child. A few years ago, pools in Corpus Christi weren't required to have any type of barrier around them. But the family of a toddler who nearly drowned - and suffered fatal brain damage - sued the apartment complex where the incident occurred. Afterwards, the owner of the complex joined the victim's lawyer, David Perry, in petitioning the City Council for greater pool safety measures. The result was a new ordinance that requires all swimming pools within the city limits to be fenced. We feel the new law was a critical step in increasing the safety of our children. The attorneys of Perry & Haas are proud to have played a role in that landmark case.

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